3 key things to avoid to sell your home for a good price

When It comes to you either finally coming to the decision to sell your home, either because you want a larger home, a smaller home or simply to move elsewhere there are tons of things that can both negatively and positively impact your home sale. We would like to help you ensure you are mentally prepared to sell your home and when the time comes, you sell it for the price it’s worth paying for. That’s why we thought to come up with a few key things to avoid if you want your home sold for a fine price.

Selling a “picture-perfect” home

I’ve seen tons of properties over the years. And there are tons of investors who buy run down properties just to do a so-called picture perfect renovation for a lot of money, then trying to sell the property way over its original price. However these are the properties which sell the least. The reason is simple. A picture perfect home may be perfect but only for a very small percentage of people as it won’t suit the taste of others. Most people want to buy a home where they can decide what renovations they want including the tiling, the colors of the wall and all the interior design solutions. It’s absolutely unnecessary to renovate a home to be “picture perfect” and implement dead expensive yet unnecessary interior design solutions, which most people would not like anyways. The best-selling state for a home is for it to be clean, clear, empty ( save for a few pieces of furniture for staging reasons that’s only left there to demonstrate how the home could be furnished) and with neutral light wall colors. Steer clear from trying to sell a home with an extremely personalized taste as others may loathe these. Give the whole home a simple fresh coat of beige or light yellow color and that’s it.

Starting to sell your home with all your stuff still in

It’s sometimes nice to see how a home is used for living. But most of the times potential buyers do not want to see all your things, clothes, dishes, the things you use or any other overly personal things you should not show. There are several people who demonstrate photos of their home when its still lived in. It’s a must better strategy to let everything be packed out, including some of the built-in storage and most of the furniture so that buyers can really see how much space is in there and decide how they want to use that place for themselves. Also, a totally furnished ( and over-furnished as it is in most cases) homes look way smaller than they originally are.

Always repaint dark walls

Dark rooms could be alluring, but the fact of the matter is, that the lighter the wall color, the larger and friendlier a home will look like. Have it repainted and let the future owner decide what color of walls they would like. It will make your home much more alluring.