Top outside factors that can make you lose money on selling your home

bad noisy neighbours

In this chapter we would like to enlist some of the key outside factors which can and generally do negatively impact a fast home sale. Unfortunately, most of the time your choices are limited to resolve these factors but there is a way of resolution for everything, so let’s get started.

Ongoing construction works in the close neighbourhood

It is never a worse time to sell a home with construction works going on in the close neighbourhood, because of all the noise, all the workers disturbing the peace of the area. Of course, construction lasts only temporarily but that can also last for years. Construction has a deadly effect on a price of a home. On the other hand, if you manage to wait out this period to end, the new building or buildings can also have a pulling effect on your own home actually raising the selling price of it.

Bad neighbours

There is no way around this one: bad neighbours can really ruin the peace of any home. There are several instances people move out of their home because of the neighbour. The only thing to hope here, is that the new owners will get on better terms with the dreaded neighbours. There are really two things you can do here, either you keep them a secret when selling your home or slightly alert them on some of the problematic issues, so that the new owners are aware and avoid the situations that can cause tensions. Of course, the price of this honesty is generally a lower selling price.

Bad neighbourhood

There are bad neighbourhoods in all the larger cities. Most of these used to be good neighbourhoods back in the day, then due to some switch in the dynamics of the area, the better suite people have started to move out which results in shops and other establishments also closing down. This is always the start of this diminish which will bring down prices, resulting in a poorer quality neighbourhood. While the chance is always there for a neighbourhood to change, generally thanks to residential and office construction projects which invite the better quality crowd in, it is hard to ask for a good selling price in such an area. The most you can do in this case is to make sure your home is equipped with quality locks, a good alarm system and it is well separated from the outside , including the garden and entrance areas.

Factory presence nearby

Factories work like warning signs in the eyes of many, especially when it comes to factories coming with bad smells and the use of heavy chemicals, which can affect the air, the soil and the water in the nearby lying areas. However unfortunate it is, a factory presence is almost like a death sentence to any residential property nearby. The most you can do is to ask the factory for a refund and try to save what can be saved If your area is a windy one, than it can at least save from the bad smells which you can use as an advantage.